5th Grade News and Resources

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Mrs. Rago, Mrs. McKenzie, and Ms. Szutkowski
Invite you to the 5th Grade News and Resource Page!

Important Dates :

  • April 12th- Early release at 12:45
  • April 13th- Holiday Meal
  • April 14th- No school
  • April 17th- Rago's class testing
  • April 18th- McKenzie's class testing
  • April 19th- Science Center Field Trip
  • April 20th- PTO/Site Council Meeting at 3:00 in Media Center
  • April 21st- Elementary Math Fair
  • April 21st- Szutkowski's class testing
  • April 24th- Rago's class testing
  • April 25th- Taste it Tuesday
  • April 25th- McKenzie's class testing
  • April 26th- Administrative Assistant's Day
  • April 26th- Early Release
  • April 26th- Szutkowski's class testing
  • April 27th- Art Night at 6:00 to 7:30
  • April 28th- Brown Bag Lunch
  • May 1st-May 5th- Teacher Appreciation Week
  • May 2nd- Szutkowski's and Rago's class testing
  • May 3rd- Early Release
  • May 3rd- McKenzie's class testing
  • May 5th- Cinco De Mayo Mariachi Group Performance
  • May 5th- Soaring Eagle Lunch for April
  • May 10th- 5th Grade Middle School Visits
  • May 11th- Promotion Picnic at Dave White park

  Third Quarter Curriculum: 

Determining the Main Idea of a passage
Quoting details from the text to help answer questions about the text
Compare and Contrast characters and how they change in a story
Analyze a point of view with reasons and evidence

Add and Subtract Fractions 
Solve word problems 
Multiply and divide fractions 
Understanding place value
Performing grade level multiplication and division

Opinion Writing and debates
Writing with main ideas and connecting details in expository paragraphs
Writing invitations and letters
Research an Indian Tribe and present a report

Parts of Speech, combining Sentences, Synonyms, and antonyms